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Movement makes life just that much sweeter

Just Play
— Kelly

Activity Level is Determined by Age 8

Kids need to be taught to move. They need to be given opportunities to learn that activity is really fun! The TV needs to be switched off, the back door opened and the parents participating in the fun! 

Will is 2 years old. You ask him what he loves to do and he will tell you ski and skate! I will be honest that at this point I am holding him up and back. In no time he will be able to stand on those skates and stop on those skis.  Right now I am focused on the fun. It is really fun to run around the house in your helmet! Ask Will- he will show you! It is a blast to speed down the hill on skis and fly across the rink on skates! 

Mama and daddy did get a really good work out, and mama bumped her elbow so hard on the chairlift that she is going to have Margie make sure she did not chip it! However, it was all worth it! My six year old can ski like the wind and will spend all day speeding up and down the hill. Will is close on her tail! 

This activity is not just making them more healthy today and tomorrow: sleep is easier, healthy foods taste better, their hearts and lungs are healthy, their immune systems are on high speed and their brains are ready to learn. It is also an activity level that they will bring with them into adulthood. They are learning to play for a lifetime one ski turn and one skate stride at a time.