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Movement makes life just that much sweeter

Just Play
— Kelly

Raising the Expectations of How Much Kids Should and Can Move

Kids need to move most of their day. When sitting in the classroom from 9 to 4 parents need to make it a priority to get the kids right outside when the bus arrives. This is as simple as opening the back door. No, parents do not have to join the kids and can be cooking dinner while they race around the backyard. Movement increases kids ability to learn and to sleep. It is a variable that we can add to a child's day that makes a huge impact on their lifetime.

Make a few simple toys available for them outside- a ball to kick around, a jump rope, a net to chase bugs are all a few examples. Remember the sticks and dirt are great too, especially for the imaginative piece of play that is slowly disappearing due to screen time but highly needed for learning. 

Expectations for how much kids can physically do needs to increase. Kids can be nicely nudged to hike, to jog, to play for hours on end. These days they do need to be taught to play though. This is because the neighborhood block of kids has moved indoors. The older kids are no longer teaching the younger ones the cool games like kick-the-can. I recommend 2 hours of unstructured play a day for each child - outside is best.