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Participants needed for Research Survey - Adult outcome of child marathons

Did you run a marathon at age 17 years old or less? Do you know someone who did?

We are looking at hip and knee joint health in adults who ran marathons as kids. If you would like to participate in the survey, please access our survey at

Or contact us at

Link to the survey:

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The aim of this project is to understand what happens to children and adolescents who train for and run marathon races under the age of 18 as they age in adult years. We are trying to answer the question, “Is there harm done to the body when children run marathons?” The answer is not known, although some people speculate that marathon running causes problems with the knee and hip joints. We are conducting a survey to help understand the long term outcomes of children (under age 18 years old) who ran marathons and are now adults. Our previous research shows children as young as age 7 have run Twin Cities Marathon and of the 310 under 18 year old finishers in the study cohort, only 4 required medical evaluation at the finish area medical facility (half the rate of adult finishers). The survey will look at the current status of those who did run the marathon distance compared to those who ran cross country in high school, but did not run marathons until adult years. We are hoping to assess people who are still running and those who are no longer running.

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