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— Kelly

20 miles down to Stillwater and back

What a fun family adventure! We rode down the Gateway and Browns Creek trails to eat lunch in Stillwater. My 6 year old rode her 6 gear, we buckled my 2 year old into the buggy behind my husband's bike and we set off down the trail. It is downhill to the river, which means an uphill ride back home. It is good we filled our bellies, brought lots of water and a pocket full of Starbursts! We stop at the park on the way up, dug deep, gave encouragement and praise and made it home for a cold glass of water on the deck. What a fun way to enjoy the spring weather and challenge the winter legs. How proud I am of my 6 year old. She is a tough little cookie with big muscles and a huge heart. 

10 mile ride to the River!