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Movement makes life just that much sweeter

Just Play
— Kelly

Run just to run

Fun be out in the crisp air feeling the excitement in the air. We are about to race. 1 mile for the 7 year old and her dad and 1/2 mile for the 3 year old and his mom. The expectations are smiles and fast feet with a banana at the end and a few pictures to glorify the day. Sunshine, snacks, laughs, a few tears when the three year old is plowed over by a big kid. The starting line can be a bit dangerous!

We slowly make our way to the start line. Excitement is running high. The three year old is so nervous he is tucked in mom’s arms. We have the jitters and a bit of anticipation is making our little legs squirm. The whistle blows and we are off. Our little legs start to move and we go faster and faster, never letting go of mom’s hand. We start to grin and we get a skip in our step. We round the corner back down the hill and spot the finish line. What fun!

A metal to commemorate the day and a picture to hang on the wall. Fun to run, to be with family and a few grins to brighten the spirit.