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Challenge Yourself This Summer!

It is hard to try something new and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  It is so much easier to stay in the safe comfort of familiar activities.  However, it is so valuable to remember what it feels like to struggle and then overcome your fears and obstacles.

As a cross country ski coach, I am always impressed when I meet and work with people new to the sport.  It is quite a task to learn a new skill and it is from watching their determination that I felt it was time I did the same thing.

So, join me this summer in trying something new.   I love to be outside all year round and I love trail running.  Mountain biking seems like the perfect way to enjoy the trails and give my running muscles a little break.  I have a huge fear of falling but that is not stopping me from getting out on the trail!  

I am very thankful that my children have been taking mountain bike classes the past few years. They have taught me about the ready position and how you need to look ahead where you want your bike to go- not at the tree you are trying to avoid!

Now, I just need to spend the time on the trail, putting to use all the lessons I have learned from my kids.

Hope to see you on the trail soon!

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