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"I recently met you at the American College of Sports Medicine's National Conference after your presentation on "Neural Control of Movement for the Evaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Issues." First and foremost, I wanted to thank and congratulate you for a truly enlightening session. I can honestly say that no other session I attended had an awestruck reaction from the entire room like yours did. What a proud moment!" K.K.


Are you a Physical therapist, Medical doctor or occupational therapist interested in studying the art of treating movement? We are putting together a 6 week mentorship program consisting of 6 online lessons with plenty of opportunity to discuss and debate and 3 hands-on sessions. Just as soon as the course is complete, the dates and Application instructions will be available. please consider sending US your thoughts about what you would want to see take place during this opportunity. We look forward to continuing to teach and learn.

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