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Welcome to the Team Shannon! We are so delighted to have you! Shannon’s schedule will open May 2, 2019!

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Meagan Stanek, DPT

Andrea Mattison, DPT




Shannon Hagen, DPT, c/NDT

Kind, thoughtful, gentle, good advice! Team work in getting me in quickly during a snowstorm! I always feel amazingly much better after my appointments, both when in a lot of pain and when I come for maintenance to keep my body working and moving correctly so I can enjoy an active lifestyle. Your philosophy of movement heals is very true for me. Thanks for keeping me moving. I usually see Kelly, today Margie worked her talents on me. Both are wonderful people providing care with unbelievable results. J.E

Great as always! Thanks Margie. My lower back feels better already. Hopefully even better in a few days! A.M.

Kelly helps keep the mechanics in balance in my arthritic rt. Knee so that I can keep it strong with exercises and keep playing tennis and skiing thus avoiding replacement surgery. This has worked for several years. The added benefit is that when and if I do replace it the recovery time will be shorten if I am strong. She always has info re exercises and she is so encouraging and optimistic. We are trying to keep me “young.” Not easy at 79. K.H.

Utterly fabulous! Joan is a brilliant therapist and a very fine human being. It is healing just to be near her. My issue seems to be resolved and if not I will return. I am so grateful for your skill and compassion. M.J.L.