Fix It physical therapy
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Neural science approach to assess and address movement to restore function and increase play for all ages and abilities

The goal is to re-establish normal stresses at the articular level, returning surrounding tissue tension and length to normal, restoring normal structure and function and increasing overall activity level for all ages and abilities. Neuromechanics is the interplay between neural circuits and biomechanics and seeks to understand how muscles, sense organs, motor pattern generators, and the brain interact to produce coordinated movement.

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Meagan Stanek, DPT

Andrea Mattison, DPT



Shannon Hagen, DPT, c/NDT

I went in for a bit of a tune up, and mentioned my shoulder and neck pain. I haven't felt this good in....I can't remember. Meagan is amazing. I am convinced this is the best place I have ever been to for PT. W.S.

I have been going to Fix It PT off and on for the last 4 years. My first visit was to address a severe case of achilles tendinitis. I had tried regular PT and even a more innovative experimental treatment my doctor suggested to me. After one year of various treatments, my personal trainer suggested I go to Kelly. After the first visit, there was a significant difference. After the third treatment, I was pain free!!!!!! I have worked with Kelly and Margie for help relieving neck, shoulder, back, hip and foot pain. Both have been fabulous and there are not words to fully express my appreciation for the difference they have made in my life!! The biggest challenge in the past has been getting an appointment in the near future, but Kelly has now expanded her team and that makes it much easier to get in. I appreciate that I don't have to wait so long to get in to see Kelly or someone else on her team now. T.F.