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Seeing you all has really helped my recovery from a hamstring injury. You also have helped me understand the injury so I can avoid such injuries in the future. I have especially loved working with Meagan. She’s very knowledgeable, (and she is such a dear!). Thank you! :) J.O.

Kelly is wonderful! She helped me with both my foot and my knee, doing a great job of explaining the mechanics of the problem. Recommend her to anyone! A.J.

I went in for a bit of a tune up, and mentioned my shoulder and neck pain. I haven't felt this good in....I can't remember. Meagan is amazing. I am convinced this is the best place I have ever been to for PT. W.S.

Always a great experience! Timely, professional, pleasant and effective. L.F.

EXCELLENT!!!! Shannon & Kelly did an awesome job on my foot. It feels so much better& so does my knee. Thank you!!!! R.H,

Joan always goes above and beyond in my sessions! She has made a huge difference in my life and my health.... She is so precise, personable and knowledgable ... Words can’t express my gratitude for her. She truly has a gift ....thank-you Joan. K.A.

Andrea was awesome and super personable. She made me feel comfortable and she has been great with helping me toward my recovery and reaching my goals! L.S.

Awesome! I came into my appointment with a long list of problems, and everyone of them was addressed.
Great job! M.J.

I went to see Andrea to help me with a rib injury from college. In three sessions she was able to get my rib cage moving and allowed me to take full breaths again. Andrea was the first person to be able to put a name to what was wrong with my ribs and actually start to make change. She was incredibly easy to talk to and made sure that every time we met more and more change happened. I can’t recommend Andrea enough! K.A.

I really liked Meaghan. She was so easy to communicate with. J.O.

For two weeks I suffered with sore leg and back muscles to the extent that I could barely stand or walk. In a single 20 minute appointment, Kelly skillfully used her healing gifts to relieve the pain and restore my ability to walk and move. To say I was surprised, is an understatement. Kelly's expertise and unique physical therapy practice together with her calming presence and grace is truly a divine gift which she joyfully uses to heal. My experience at Fix-It was amazing and wonderful. Today I am walking and moving and smiling! Thanks Kelly! T.H.

I could not be more pleased with the evaluation and treatment Kelly provides. Her evaluation and treatment expertise addresses root cause of movement dysfunction and outcomes are always met. Without reservation, I give my highest recommendation to Kelly’s physical therapy services. D.T.

 I came for relief of back pain. I stumbled in in pain and danced out to my car a very satisfied person. N.M

I have had both knees replaced and this appt was for the first replacement, which has never been a problem. I had numbness in the lower leg and pain when I moved the leg around in the hip socket. I, of course, thought I had a hip joint problem, No stranger to rehab, I was worried. Kelly, however, examined me and said she felt it was a mechanical problem, and that my hips are both in fine shape. She performed her magic and the pain disappeared. I am writing this the day after the appt and the numbness and pain are gone. such a relief!! K.H.

I had a wonderful experience at Fix It PT. I was referred to Kelly and Fix It PT from a relative who also had an AWESOME experience. I would recommend Fix IT PT to all friends and family members. B.X.

I've been coming here for a few years now - and just saw Meagan for the first time. As the case is with the rest of the team, Meagan was nothing short of wonderful. What I love about this team is that, not only are they very technically proficient at what they do, but more importantly they are very compassionate and caring. I feel like they try and heal the "whole" person on many levels (emotionally and mentally, not just a physically). They are a solid team, who are nothing short of amazing at what they do - thank you!!! Z.H.

Was great as always. Feel wonderful today - it worked! E.C.

My Fix It PT experience was wonderful! Thanks to Joan and her amazing talent I have more movement in my shoulder than I’ve had in 6 months. Nothing short of amazing. Thank you! M.E.

Andrea is awesome. She is very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. K.S.

I absolutely loved my experience at Fixit PT. Mahtomedi is a beautiful location. The office was nicely done. Inviting yet professional. The staff is friendly. The staff listens intently to what your needs are and best yet! they deliver on fixing it. My hip has ached for years and within minutes the pain was subsiding and my range of motion was miraculously restored. I am completely sold on this technique. Other PT, chiropractic services helped, but this is actually fixing the problem. I am very grateful to have been lead to this group. I will continue to use their services. D.M.

As usual, Kelly was responsive to my requests and concerns. And encouraging with the work I have done and the plan for the future. My feet feel much better after her mobilization of the joints. My shoulders remain level after the treatment last month---they haven't been level since I was in high school and that was 50 years ago!!! L.F.

Amazing! Andrea is about the most awesomest PT I have ever met! Her experience and skills as a PT have helped me get past 3 nagging long-term chronic injuries allowing me to return to a normal workout routine. But in the process she has also offered a lot of encouragement, which really helps and means a lot to me. She is lots of fun to talk to as well, which makes each session a total blast. Andrea is the best!!! M.J.

I am a Fix It PT believer! Both Margie and Andrea are helping me recover from two rear-end car accidents. I saw Margie regularly immediately following the accident and she greatly helped reduce the pain and regain my range of motion. She gave me strengthening exercises and is kind and caring too - I would recommend Margie. I got to see Andrea 2 or 3 times as sometimes her availability worked better for me. Andrea is not going to let my muscles win! She really gets after them, layer after layer, and doesn't stop until she wins . She is strong and puts in the extra effort. Andrea also relieved some foot pain which I really appreciated! I also recommend Andrea. M.G.

Awesome! Andrea patiently, diligently, and expertly manipulated my three problem areas. When I mentioned in passing my history of asthma she turned her attention to my ribs and provided some incredible and immediate relief to my lungs as well. She watched me perform a squat and I was surprised to learn that after thousands of repetitions I was favoring one leg over the other. I left with some general information on how my body should respond to the treatment, and then also some solid exercises and advice to aid my recovery. Amazing experience - I'll be back! I love the popping! M.J.

I am a Fix It PT believer! Both Margie and Andrea are helping me recover from two rear-end car accidents. I saw Margie regularly immediately following the accident and she greatly helped reduce the pain and regain my range of motion. She gave me strengthening exercises and is kind and caring too - I would recommend Margie. I got to see Andrea 2 or 3 times as sometimes her availability worked better for me. Andrea is not going to let my muscles win! She really gets after them, layer after layer, and doesn't stop until she wins . She is strong and puts in the extra effort. Andrea also relieved some foot pain which I really appreciated! I also recommend Andrea. M.G.

Great experience.!!!! However I did get to Tria in Bloomington.. There is a fracture and a MRI midday Sunday will tell if there is any Rotator Cuff issues as well. But thanks to you two. You nudged me to go be seen right away. I'll get to the bottom of this injury now. I felt great after our visit. All I can say is:" I have issue's." Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. C.H.

Great service. Highly recommended it. M.S.

Kind, thoughtful, gentle, good advice! Team work in getting me in quickly during a snowstorm! I always feel amazingly much better after my appointments, both when in a lot of pain and when I come for maintenance to keep my body working and moving correctly so I can enjoy an active lifestyle. Your philosophy of movement heals is very true for me. Thanks for keeping me moving. I usually see Kelly, today Margie worked her talents on me. Both are wonderful people providing care with unbelievable results. J.E

Great as always! Thanks Margie. My lower back feels better already. Hopefully even better in a few days! A.M.

Kelly helps keep the mechanics in balance in my arthritic rt. Knee so that I can keep it strong with exercises and keep playing tennis and skiing thus avoiding replacement surgery. This has worked for several years. The added benefit is that when and if I do replace it the recovery time will be shorten if I am strong. She always has info re exercises and she is so encouraging and optimistic. We are trying to keep me “young.” Not easy at 79. K.H.

Utterly fabulous! Joan is a brilliant therapist and a very fine human being. It is healing just to be near her. My issue seems to be resolved and if not I will return. I am so grateful for your skill and compassion. M.J.L.

Kelly always does a great job. Takes a history hitting on key information. Follows with an appropriate treatment and easy exercises to insure follow through increasing strength and mobility. L.F.

Had several issues to fix (neck, back and foot pain). Joan did an amazing job getting everything working properly--pain is gone! J.M.

Snap crackle, pop and i am back to my normal (abnormal) self! Thanks K. D.K.

1st session yesterday for 6 months of chronic pain. Woke up this morning and stretch my full body for the 1st time, arching my low back full range of motion. This would be impossible before yesterday. I think i can go on with life now. Thank you so much Joan. S.D.

Good reception and comfortable surroundings. I feel good. Hopefully my night time will not be interrupted by shoulder pain. Thank you. L.R.

Awesome! I came in to meet with Kelli about my wrist which she worked on and made much better. She asked how everything else was feeling. I explained that I had been limping since November because I'd "tweaked" my foot playing tennis. After looking at it she determined that I'd displaced one of the bones in my foot. After a quick adjustment my foot was a good as new! Kelli rocks! B.N.

Kelly is a magician. She is very capable, calm and honest. She tells you like it is and has a clear plan towards renewed health. Every time. D.S.

My experience at Fix It was phenomenal. Andrea did a great job with getting to my problem points. After only one session I feel immensely better and am able to move easier without the terrible back pain. And I really get comfortable and welcomed into the office, there is a warm and inviting atmosphere. Thank you! K.L.

Margie was wonderful; she is a considerate magician. I feel so much better, and she gave me her full, expert attention and I have reaped the benefits, plus she gave me some exercises to do at home which should help keep me improving. I am very glad I came in to see her. F.G.

My back was feeling really good so I took off PT for about 5 months. Late last week had injured my back and even though I had not seen her in a while Joan stayed late just to fit me in. She's magic, I can move so much better and the pain was immediately half of what it was when I walked in. I am now going to stay on a regular schedule again to stay strong, aligned and flexible. Joan is the best! M.J.

Excellent in all aspects! Kelly’s-evaluation and expertise in treatment skills are superb! Her plan of care is comprehensive and focused on resolving my needs. She offers clear guidance in home program what treatment symptoms may surface, and how to self manage. She is always on time and very efficient! 
My movement and balance are no longer restricted and I feel great after one visit. Many thanks Kelly! D.T.

I've been going to FixIt for five years and just recently been making appointments with Margie. She is incredibly caring and thorough my treatment. Great job, Margie! S.J.

Kelly Roberts is a rock star. Thank you Kelly :) B.N.

I had a superb session with Margie, she was very precise in targeting the parts of my body that needed action. She also gave me exercises to do before my next appointment. E.B.

I've seen Joan episodically over the last few years, and I have never been disappointed. In fact, I always walk out of a session with her feeling better than when I went in. Joan is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and is an excellent listener. I've seen her when I have a problem with my back and/or neck and am amazed at her ability to get me back on track. I'm in my early seventies, recently took quite a fall, and Joan has seen me through the rehab process,helping me where others could not. I highly recommend her. Also, and this isn't a small thing at all, Joan is very kind and it comes through. D.W.

Ive got pretty severe back pain due to years of abuse from working construction, and slowly but surely they are working out the adjustments needed. I recommend them to everyone i know! S.G.

Margie did an incredible job on my bossy today, she was very meticulous and spent a lot of time working on my difficult areas! E.B.

Excellent visit with wonderful, caring staff. B.K.

I had an appointment yesterday with Fix It PT, this was my 2nd appointment. I received the same GREAT care and relief as my first appointment. The tightness in my neck and back has diminished considerably, I slept great and the issue with my vision while driving is the best that's it's been in over a year. My hope is that with another treatment or two, my muscles will start to remember how to relax. along with the stretches and exercises recommended will give me weeks and months of feeling back to normal. I can't THANK Fix It enough for what they've done for me already. D.P.

Kelly is especially good at making sure that my rehab exercises are absolutely correct and giving me corrective exercises—her strengthening building ideas are great too. K.H.

Andrea was truly amazing. I’m just over 9 month’s into my recovery program, so my emotions and anxiety can be all over the place at times, which was the case when I saw Andrea for the first time . Not only did she fix my physical ailments, but she was able to connect with me in a way that was calming, and she almost instantaneously put me at ease. I am forever grateful for her work with me, and I am excited for future visits with her - thank you Andrea!!! Z.H.

As always Joan was amazing. I am feeling so much better this morning and moving better than I have in months. E.B.

Kelly once again performed her facilitating joint skills with exceptional expertise. This morning my ankle, knee and hip already function without stiffness. She is the "Joint Whisperer", thank you Kelly and Fix It PT. B.B.

Thanks Margie! With every visit I learn a bit more about my body, my limits, and of course what I should be doing a bit better (core strength). But i always leave feeling a bit more aligned and with less pain. I’m glad I have you all as a resource to keep me running and working without major injury. A.M.

Margie is a wonderful PT, she listens well and provided me with some additional exercises for strengthening and stabilization to do as follow up to my care. I have been with FixIt PT since Kelly opened the businiess and have seen by she and Joan as well. With their growing practice, there are many flexible schedule slots, so I am able to find an appointment quickly which is a HUGE benefit. I am always pleased with their care and in fact, I'd like to give them a 5 star rating! A.D.

I am working with Joan- she is making remarkable progress with my right ankle. A Very positive experience! C.B.

I can't thank the staff at Fix It PT enough! I have visited for various reasons over the past several years and always leave feeling relief from whatever ails me. My latest visit was to get a tune-up before the Komen 3-Day 60 Mile Walk. I have been doing this walk for 9 years and this was the best walk I have had, thanks to Fix It PT. Thank you, thank you, thank you! S.N.

My Fix It PT experience was delightful and exceeded my expectations. The space felt calming and healing upon arrival. I was greeted immediately and welcomed into a treatment room and the discussion of what is bothersome for me began. Kelly was patient, professional and delivered expert joint therapy for my very stiff ankle and knee. I felt the benefit of this type of therapy immediately. I was given exercises to do at home and will plan a follow up visit to be certain my joints are healing correctly. Thank you Fix It PT you have a wonderful practice and healing environment. B.B.

I was first seen by Kelly after spending years seeking treatment for chronic neck and back pain from every kind of doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist and masseuse imaginable. In a very short time Kelly fixed what all others had failed at for 10+ years. Since then she has treated our entire family whenever injuries arise. On several occasions our children have had sports injuries and have first been seen by orthopedic specialists who told us that a sprain or strain would require weeks of rest. We then took them to be treated by Kelly only to find out their injury was mechanical in nature (not a sprain or strain of the muscle at all) and have them walk out of her office pain free and moving at 100%. If you have pain, Fix It PT can help you. If you have never been to Fix It PT then you don’t know what you are missing. D.W.

Great! Amazed at how I can move my fingers. Anxious to see how long this lasts. Was my first appointment today. Coming back next week for hands and feet and whatever else there is time for. Thank you! J.K.

I injured my back by bending forward while vacuuming. Andrea assessed the painful area and then thoroughly treated the problem area. She had me test out the effectiveness by simulating vacuuming , and I had no pain when doing this. Effective relief from the pain was my goal, and that is what she delivered. It is so comforting to know that this special therapy is available when an injury occurs. Love FixitPT! M.G.

Kelly has this super special way of expressing her knowledge thru her hands and fingers, PLUS she gives you a “simple “ plan to move forward as a great follow up. I feel encouraged and healed by this remarkable woman!!!!! She’s pretty awesome! Thanks Kelly! S.S.

I love Fix it PT!! I have seen Kelly and Joan and they are both absolutely amazing!!! I enjoy being active in life and they have helped me work through back and neck issues to allow me to continue the lifestyle I so enjoy!!! They are very knowledgeable and helpful....I recommend them all the time. M.H.

was great. in fact, I did go in and get an x-ray based on Kelly's suggestion, and my finger was, in fact, fractured. Plus, I felt and continue to feel less stiff since Kelly worked on me after my bike accident! T.G.

I have been going to Kelly for nearly 10 years and she is the only reason I can be a cop at 48. C.S.

I was born with bad knees. I have worked hard through the years to exercise and keep my legs moving. I'm now in my 50s and it's just a part of life that I have daily knee pain, but it had come to where more and more and more activities were becoming painful. I tried injections which helped, but surgery was my next option. I saw Joan on a referral of a friend. I still cannot believe that just one therapy visit has changed my life! After just 30 minutes, I walked out of there without pain. I can move my knees, I can stand up and walk without pain. I don't even know what to tell people other than they need to give this a try. I'm sending my husband! I will be back! Thank you Joan - from the bottom of my heart. :)  P.K.

THANK YOU, MARGIE! I can tell I'm moving better already. I also really appreciate how I didn't feel demeaned at all for my concerns. Other PTs I have seen have made me feel like my injury was my fault and Margie treated me with kindness, respect and was so very helpful. THANK YOU! M.M. 

To sum it up, after leaving our appointment with Kelly, my daughter Zoe said: “well, that was the most helpful thing I’ve done all week.” T.G.

Andrea has worked with me during my time at Fix It. I connected with her because she works with my son at Children's Theraplay. I saw the major improvements she has helped my son make in his motion, flexibility and focus, so I decided to see if she could help me. I am very protective of my body and I have trouble trusting new people with caring for me because of everything I have been through after build up nearly four decades of tension and trauma from cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, but I decided to give it a shot...for myself and my family.

Andrea is a great and compassionate therapist who is not only focused on improving my physical well being, but also continuing to improve her own methods and techniques. There is no question I have been sore after appointments, but I can feel my body progressing and I have complete faith that things will continue to improve while under her care. The staff (even the sweet therapy dog in training) is kind and considerate. The space and safe and inviting. I would highly recommend Andrea and Fix It Therapy to anyone looking to improve their body, and in turn, their life. J.M.

Joan is an excellent therapist. She was my first experience at Fix IT PT. She helped me immensely and I am very grateful for her kindness, caring, knowledge, experience and help. She made a big difference. Recently I could not get an appt. with Joan so I came to see Kelly. She was very professional, caring, positive, and encouraging. She listened and addressed my issues. Very happy with my treatment. I am feeling much better. Coming back for more and more! Definitely referring people to experience these gals.Everyone deserves good health and great service. These gals are the real deal! G.E.

As usual, Kelly did a great job listening and understanding my problem - this time it was severe neck pain. The treatment led to immediate improvement followed by appropriate “at home” instructions. Excellent visit overall. J.S.

Very excellent from start to finish! Thanks for a job very well done by Andrea M! D.W.

I’ve never experienced anything like it! I was able to sleep better than I have in nine years after the first session and have been able to run without pain for the first time since my accident. E.K.

Kelly did a great job. Immediate relief on lower back. Thank you. L.O.

Kelly brought back mobility I haven't had in a month! She truly cares about making you better! K.K.

After 2 sessions with Kelly for a back injury, Anna had her best gymnastics meet ever and is moving up to the next level. Thank you Kelly! K.R.

My daughter and I are doing so much better after just 1 visit with Kelly. Range of motion so much more and pain starting to diminish. Thank you Kelly! K.R.

THANK YOU, MARGIE! I can tell I'm moving better already. I also really appreciate how I didn't feel demeaned at all for my concerns. Other PTs I have seen have made me feel like my injury was my fault and Margie treated me with kindness, respect and was so very helpful. THANK YOU! M.M.

Very professional, caring presence and given hope for healing after a year of pain‼️ C.D.

 It was amazing! Kelly worked on my back like magic! I found instant results after my session! 
Thank you Kelly for your time and helpful information on what to do to maintain/ strengthen my back. K.S.B

Kelly was amazing and restored so much movement in my hands and shoulders in a few short minutes. Thank you! E.B.E

Visited with Kelly on a couple of issues. She volunteered to research my surgeon's recommendation for some new technology. I learned that a dose of caution is needed with the orthopedic folks. Lost of new tools in their tool boxes but not a lot of run time in the field! As always, marvelous care at Fix It PT! A.H.

As usual the experience was great. Kelly keeps the mechanics in my tennis shoulder in line; that, along with strength training and PT I can play as much as I want. This, after being told over a year ago not to lift overhead, no pullups, etc. The OA in the rt. knee has been a little more difficult, but she performs her magic on that and gives me extra exercises to build up the strength in that knee to fight the atrophy and try to keep the two knees equal. Now I am mostly pain free and sore for a few hours after I play tennis. I am ready to ski and hope to make it past 80 w/o a knee replacement. K.H.

Beneficial, and accommodating - the best. C.E.

I was in to see Joan. My shoulders and neck have muscle complications from an injury and surgery. I have been going to massage therapy and have done physical therapy. Both with minimal progress. After 2 visits with Joan, I am starting to see ( and feel ) loosening in my shoulders and neck. It wasn't an instant miracle but it did give me hope of getting close to a fuller recovery. I will never get back what I had.....however I hope to gain more of what I lost. R.R.

My range of motion has increased greatly and my pain has gone way down! Kelly is incredible. L.L.

It’s lovely to get out of a hospital setting and come out to see Joan. She was kind and open to listening to my experience. She did a thorough treatment and assessment of my situation and truly cared about me. Thank you Joan. S.B,

I could feel changes even before it was over. I had a great day afterward. I had a lot more energy than I had in days. It was a crazy busy day and I felt I was able to handle it all. Soreness is minimal and I can really feel a difference. My head opened, face relaxed and I have less shoulder pain in the back. I am impressed and excited to do it again. J.W.

Margie is fabulous. She is professional, personable, sense of humor and is helping me/teaching me how to handle by back pain. To have relief after several years is too good to believe. On top of that, we've decided to try to give some relief to my hammer toes. The ortho wants to amputate the toe. Margie says nonsense, and off we go with exercises and hope. Getting myself to Fix It has been the best thing I have done for myself in quite a while. W.K.

I took my son, 8 year old with poor coordiantion, balancing , activity tolerance , fine and gross motor skills. Ms. Joan worked with him to release the joint stiffness on his body especially on his legs (He wears a special pair of boot due to walking wide open). I have noticed my son likes to do more activities like climbing , playing with play ground equipment (I used to encourage him alot). He is able to paddle the bicycle after 3 days of the first therapy and enjoyed moving more than he used to be. Before, He was stucked on some activities that he could not move himself very well like jumping, zip line, scooter on his tummy, ... and afraid to try new things . After therapy , I think he feels more confident to move around more. He asks me to go out for biking everyday. However, I will keep him busy on any activities to see how much he can improve for the next year.. Thank you Joan. C.N.

As always Kelly addressed the mechanics in my knee and shoulder and we discussed exercises and management of exercise and rest to strengthen the knee and PT and management of my shoulder. She has been able to keep me playing tennis, doing my push-ups and pull ups and skiing over the past at least ten years inspire of my march toward 80 years. She is terrific! K.H.

I am doing the Komen 60 mile 3-Day walk this weekend so I had an appointment to make sure everything is loose. Tight elbow, shoulders, knees and ankles were all fixed! Thank you! S.N.

 It has been great, shoulder is getting better and to my surprise Kelly is helping my broken jaw. J.M.

Joan. Is. AMAZING. No matter what issues I have, she always fixes them very quickly and efficiently. Besides being very technically proficient and effective, she is always very personable - remember even the slightest details of my last visit and conversation with her. She is truly amazing at what she does, and I hope she sticks around at Fix IT PT for ALONG time, cause I couldn't imagine life without her!!! Thanks Joan for all that you do. Z.H.

Fabulous have been a client for 4 years! It has been life changing! R.W.

excellent. I walked out of the office with both feet working the way they were meant to work. Ankle with pins so much better (90%) and other foot with bone spur at 90% and discomfort. I'm a fan! Thanks!
All in one appointment! J.A.

Kelly was thorough with her questioning regarding my problem and did a nice job with her analysis and recommendations for "the fix." So far, so good, but the proof is in the pudding. I'm optimistic. (Kelly - you better tell Dr. Bill that I listened to him and came to see you. FWIW: I've always held your dad in high regard.) S.S.

Kelly was superb, she worked very strongly on my wrist and it seemed to give me some relief. I will know after I use it more this weekend.she also explained what she was doing so I was in the loop on my treatment. Thanks Kelly! M. R.

Excellent as usual. Joan gave me much relief from my back and neck pain. B.J.

I have seen Kelly now for 2 hip replacements & 2 knee replacements. She does an awesome job getting the stiffness and tense muscles, tendons, & ligaments feeling good & not so tight. She also makes a plan according to your individual needs and how you are feeling. The whole staff is very professional, knowledgable, personable & friendly, helpful and the list could go on. I would highly recommend Kelly, Joan & Margie for your PT needs! Kathy J.

Excellent. Joan is a miracle worker. Whether I'm in pain or more of a maintenance visit I always feel great afterwards. Joan even called me back and worked me in when I had an injury. I refer and will continue to refer people to Fix It. Missy J.

Kelly is always on time, attentive to my needs and willing to answer all questions so I can understand them. This is in addition to being able to fix pain and get me moving again in an amazingly short time. D.W. 

Thank you, Kelly, for your kind spirit and for sharing your gifts as a physical therapist to help me over these past few years. Our son, a physician, recommended you to me. What good fortune for me, as the results of enlisting your expertise have been beneficial in every way and appreciated more than I can say. Living without unnecessary pain is a blessing, thanks to you. Just today I recommended you to a friend, as I have to many, many others! Mary T.

It is very difficult to describe the technique, but it is powerfully effective. I highly recommend Fix It PT and look forward to continuing my treatment over the next few weeks. M.A.

What great care my husband and I received from Joan! She was gracious, fun and "Fixed It" for both of us. What a relief. Thanks Joan! A happy Couple

I have had chronic issues with my left ankle and lower leg for the last few years. With Joan's suggestions and her physical therapy. I have learned how to manage the issues and feel great! W.D.

Kelly, has worked miracles with my separated shoulder. I'm back to my normal routine of every day life including lap swimming 3 times per week and at the same pace that I was doing before my injury. T.H.

I have issues with my knee caps and had visited other therapists with no relief at all. I thought no one would be able to help me and knee replacement is not an option for the knee caps. After just one visit I could tell a HUGE difference and have steadily been improving. M.R.

I had one session with Kelly Roberts and got more help and relief with 2 issues that I have been battling for years. My issues were a very troubling neck that at times caused severe pain and also limited my ability to turn my head. Also I've had issues with chronic Planter Fasciitis. Kelly made an immediate improvement for both issues. I think she's amazing and would recommend her without reservation. V.S.

I was dealing with a jaw issue.The pain was increased to the point I was searching for help. I had two family members who had been to Kelly. I knew they had relief from their issues. I made an appointment and was impressed with Kelly's professionalism and knowledge. . I feel relief that I have found a PT who listenes and explaines the thearapy process to heal my jaw. I have recommended her to others and feel grateful to have found her. L.G.

Kelly has the ability, touch, skill and knowledge to help so very many of us. Several years ago, she treated my neck and shoulder and enabled me to quit taking a large bagful of RX meds that a PCP & a neurologist has prescribed to relieve what turned out to be a mechanical(i.e. Structural alignment issue)! Whenever I suspect such an issue, there is only one person I come to see: Kelly! No one else touches my neck! M.A.

On my first visit I had back pain, I had two MRI's and was recommended to see a Physical Therapist. I'm not sure how Kelly did it but I walked out of her office with little or no pain and I'm doing so much better for see her. I highly recommend her. Art

It was my good fortune to learn about Kelly. I was dealing with a jaw issue that had been going on for quite awhile and it was getting worse. I was forced to cut my food into small bites, soups were becoming my go to meal, and laughing was a struggle. Pain was increasing and shooting up into my ear. My first visit with Kelly I was immediately impressed with her office set up. She greets, handles the paperwork, and then directs you to her examining room. Kelly listened to my issues, examined me and then proceeded with the treatment. She explained while she worked on the jaw. I was impressed with her confidence and knowledge of my issues. Her therapy treatment was gentle and healing. She worked with me from August 2013 through the middle of January 2014. My pain level gradually subsided to the point that I am back to eating normally, laughing normally, and no jaw and ear pain. She was right on at each visit what I should expect. I appreciate how she has helped me and do recommend her to others. Linda G.

I had seen Kelly 2 or 3 time before to work on my hips and neck so when my shoulder started bothering me I made an appointment. She worked on me for less than 15 minutes and now 3 days later my range of motion is normal and I am almost pain free. She is remarkable!

I have been going to Kelly for over 4 years and have used other physical therapists before. She is the best that I have been to. She is all about helping to fix your issues. It's not a one size fits all approach. I love the fact she continues learn and tries to find new solutions. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Kelly has helped to keep me active, without her I would probably be a couch potato.

Both my daughter and I have been successfully treated for issues that have been ongoing and not "fixed" by any other type of therapy/treatment. The manipulation that is done by Kelly is truly amazing.

After a car accident, Kelly fixed my back and sore neck in one visit. She also made adjustments to my feet which relieved pain in my legs. Wonderful!  CH

Thanks to Kelly I have finally found relief from migraine headaches that I have dealt with for over 30 years. Having tried nearly every medication and countless therapies, I was amazed how quickly I felt so much better and have not had a migraine since starting with Kelly. Thanks! BH

In 30 minutes Kelly performed her magic on me from head to foot and body parts that have been stuck for years are actually moving. I’ve only had one treatment and can’t believe how much better I already feel. I’ll never let myself get that tight again, now that I know a single visit can be so beneficial. S. P.

One visit with Kelly and I am out of pain! Headaches gone, shoulder back in working condition, and back significantly improved. Amazing what a 30 minute visit can accomplish and it is just the first one. Thanks a million for the professional work.S. R.

A completely torn ACL with mensicus damage and because of the great work with Kelly, I have been able to continue running - an additional 2 marathons since the injury and Kelly has transformed my running carerr - now wearing minimalist shoes too - amazing - because of Kelly's expertise! T.F.

Kelly is the most skilled PT I've ever seen. She has the perfect blend of education (Doctorate), incredible manual skills, & gentle personality. Though I'm quite arthritic and in my late 50's I'm able to maintain a very active lifestyle thanks to Kelly's help! Cathy

I have been seeing different physical therpaists, doctors and specialists for 2 years with no relief for my knee pain. After just one visit with Kelly I can feel a huge difference, the pain is much less! I can't wait to see how much better it will be after a few more treatments and we start exercises. Thank you Kelly! Jennie M.

30 minutes with Kelly is better than hours with any other therapist! She is knowledgeable; she listens; she is helpful. My body feels so much better. AND she gives me helpful exercises I can do on my own to help keep me on track and/or improve specific situations with joints and/or muscle groups! She is worth her weight in gold! Michelle A. 

My experience with Kelly was very helpful. Went in with Sacroiliac low back pain, and also mentioned a toe problem Both were "fixed" in one visit. REALLY. I recommend her for both evaluation and treatment. Louise M, MD.

I limped in with SI joint pain - I walked out 80% improved and it is just getting better! I would highly recommend Kelly - she has a great personality, really listened to my problem and gave me suggestions of things I can do at home to help if I encounter the same issue again! Thanks! Elizabeth B

Kelly's authentic personality immediately put me at ease, and her magical hands, WOW. She's amazing! Sandra A